The Team

Geoff Lawton

Geoff LawtonGeoff Lawton is an internationally renowned permaculture designer, teacher and consultant who has worked in over 35 different countries. He is continually invited to teach and consult on the design science of permaculture for government agencies, UN agencies, aid organisations, major development companies and private individuals.

Geoff’s work includes consultancy work in the environmentally green, Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates, and has undertaken development work from the Greening the Desert projects in Jordan to rehydration strategies in the deserts of Hadramaut, Yemen. Geoff has also consulted for the US army corp of engineers on the decommission of an army ammunition manufacturing plant as a re-design to an eco industrial park. Geoff has also directed and built housing projects for the Kurds in Iraq after the war and rebuilt a whole village with 53 straw bale houses. Geoff has established permaculture demonstration sites that function as education centres in all the worlds major climates — information on the success of these systems is networked through Geoff established the Permaculture Research Institute and the website to network mainframe information worldwide.

Geoff is also an inspiring educator, producing thousands of active permaculture designers around the world. He has been responsible for the establishment of a network of global education centres and demonstration sites linked by some of the largest permaculture websites in the world.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a third generation organic farmer and has been an organic farmer for more than 30 years. Paul has extensive experience in: bringing non-productive soils back to life and turning properties into profitable systems, teaching Permaculture and sustainable soil management, operating and designing bulk composting systems, earthworks design and management, beneficial soil biology for improved organic production. He has owned and operated several organic farms and currently keeps busy as the Managing Director of Trust Nature Pty Ltd. Paul now works as a Permaculture designer and soils teacher, as a sustainable design consultant and as a horticultural specialist.

Educating community members and growers about the principles of biological farming and gardening methods is a key driver, he is an energetic, easy to understand speaker with a wealth of practical, hands on knowledge, promoting the practical understanding of beneficial soil microbes as the basis of a productive management system. His teaching and consulting over the past three decades has taken him to Australia, New Zealand, USA, the Middle East, India and South-East Asia. Combining the multiple disciplines of Permaculture, organics, biological farming, compost and soil pro-biotics, Paul has developed and teaches the Bio-Vital™ management system that uses farming and sustainable land management as a method for building soil fertility while we improve production and achieve profitability.

Tom Kendall

Tom Kendall grew up and worked on his parents’ farm and then took on the farm in 1992, when his father retired. He downsized the 11,000 acre farm to 7,000 acres and converted to biodynamics. The farm produced wheat and barley and ran cattle and sheep. In 2000 he sold the farm and moved to the Sunshine Coast. In 2005 he and his partner Zaia found their ideal property in Kin Kin, Noosa Hinterland. Tom had by then become interested in Permaculture, and started converting the property into a Permaculture site. With his background in farming, he was able to take on most jobs that needed to be done himself.

In 2008 he did a Permaculture Design Certificate with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. He followed that up early 2010 with a Teacher Training Course with Geoff Lawton. At that stage he realised he had so much knowledge to share with people about Permaculture and self-reliance that he decided to focus on teaching and consulting. Tom is a very practical person with a wealth of knowledge about shaping landscapes and creating infrastructure. Having spent all his life working the land he has an astute awareness of today’s environmental issues and aims to minimise his footprint as much as possible, and to show others how to achieve that as well. Tom is a PRI accredited teacher and runs the Permaculture Research Institute Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast, on his Permaculture demonstration site in the Noosa Hinterland, QLD, Australia, with his wife Zaia.

Danial Lawton

Danial LawtonSet in motion with a permaculture design course at the tender age of thirteen in Tena, Ecuador, Danial followed up with a Permaculture Diploma in site development, site design, and research. At university Danial crammed in a Bachelor of Environmental Science with double majors in ecology & conservation biology and Land & Water Management, a Masters in Environmental Management and most recently a Masters in Environmental engineering. Danial also completed many specialty courses during his tertiary studies including Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment, Hazardous Waste Management, Advanced Water and Waste Water Engineering, Renewable Energy Systems, Geographic Information Systems/remote sensing and ISO 14001 Environmental systems.

With 15 years experience in the Permaculture field, Danial has worked for international permaculture projects in Central and South America, as water systems manager for Tagari farm (PRI Australia) and later as farm manager for Zaytuna Farm (PRI Australia). Within this time Danial has taught and facilitated a variety of permaculture design and hands on courses through Griffith University, PRI Australia and Northey Street City Farm. As a design consultant Danial draws on environmental science and permaculture principles to design sustainable systems worldwide and for local Australian clients and government organisations.

Nick HugginsNick Huggins

Nick has over 15 years experience in horticulture, landscape design, construction, maintenance, land planning and permaculture design — undertaking projects in eastern Australia and south east Asia, from high end residential to medium sized commercial development projects up to $1m and now many years in the business of permaculture design and regenerative farm land planning.

David Spicer

David SpicerDavid’s approach to design comes from his proven practicality, having over 15 years’ experience in permaculture design and education, working and teaching with Bill Mollison at the Permaculture Institute in Tasmania, and Geoff Lawton, managing director of the Permaculture Research Institute Zaytuna Farm in Australia. David worked as farm manager of the renowned Tagari farm in northern NSW, and has taught and designed nationally and internationally, working in five states of Australia, Morocco, Jordan and Palestine in many different climate zones. He is renowned for his work ethic and getting the job done.

Eric Seider

Eric SeiderEric has studied permaculture design with Geoff & Nadia Lawton since 2007 and has traveled with them on consultancy and aid trips around the world. Eric is a graphic designer by trade, specializing in the packaging industry. He has studied tracking, nature and wilderness survival since 2003 with Tom Brown Jr. Permaculture allows Eric to combine these two skill sets in a positive and meaningful way. Eric is a director of the Permaculture Research Institute USA, a national non-profit with an aim of establishing self replicating demonstration sites around the world.

In 2009 he worked as project manager for the Permaculture Research Institute of Jordan’s demonstration site. Working in such a harsh desert environment instilled in him a great appreciation for water and practical solutions. The traditional Muslim setting illustrated the importance of culturally sensitive practices. Eric recently returned to PRI Zaytuna Farm to focus on teaching and is now committed to establishing a model urban permaculture demonstration site in the USA that can be replicated across the country.

Rhamis Kent

Rhamis KentRhamis is a consultant with formal training in mechanical engineering (University of Delaware, B.S.M.E. ’95) and permaculture-based regenerative whole systems design serving as an accredited permaculture design instructor with the Permaculture Research Institute. He has previously worked for the renowned American inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen at DEKA Research & Development, with subsequent engineering work ranging from medical device research and development to aerospace oriented mechanical design.

Since 2010, Rhamis has taught permaculture design in Palestine/Occupied West Bank, Greece, Ethiopia, Yemen, Turkey, Thailand, and the United States. He has also performed additional consultancy work on projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and throughout the greater MENA/GCC region.

Salah W. Hammad

Salah HammadSalah’s passion for sustainable food production started while working with struggling small farmers in Jordan. The experience exposed him to the urgent need for an alternative approach. This is when he decided to make the transition into a career in permaculture following a 10 year long career in the food industry. During his career Salah has led and trained large teams in different food production related projects and setups, including manufacturing, service and sales. Salah is now designing, teaching and practicing permaculture at the Permaculture Research Institute under the management of Geoff and Nadia Lawton.

With experience in dry arid, temperate, and subtropical climates, covering both urban, rural and broad acre setups, he is aiming to design and install systems that empower individuals and communities with permaculture tools that will help them meet their needs and care for the earth.



Ryan Hill

Ryan is an Entrepreneur from Vancouver Canada with over a decade of experience in the Horticultural industry as a Certified Horticultural Technician. From his extensive training in Holistic Management, Soil Fertility, Watershed Restoration, and International Aid Ryan integrates these elements in all his designs and implementations. Oriented towards health optimization, Ryan’s comprehensive understanding of statistical analysis enables his continued study of nutrient density through system monitoring and enhancement.

With a broad range of expertise in the Permaculture industry his designs extend from coastal temperate to subtropical climates. Ryan enables those who are transitioning to a regenerative style of land management. Strategic planning, available resource assessment, and client engagement are focal points in his process. Ryan sees monumental change coming, he found it imperative to get his education in Permaculture from the best. He studied extensively under Geoff Lawton living and managing his property in Australia after completing the most comprehensive training programs offered at The Permaculture Research Institute.


Lesley Byrne

Lesley Byrne is an international permaculture educator and design consultant. Based out of the U.S. and having lived all over the world, she has extensive experience in temperate, cold climate, subtropical, tropical, and arid desert environments. She has collaborated with NGOs and governments and private businesses teaching and designing programs and workshops on food and water security, health and nutrition.

Since 2009, Ms. Byrne has trained and worked with Geoff and Nadia Lawton in Jordan and Australia. Lesley has advanced permaculture certificates in design, soil biology, food forest systems and agroforestry. Some of her primary focuses are restoring natural habitats, regenerative productive small farm systems, nutritional gardens and establishing sustainable viable markets in countries all over the world.

In addition to her work with PRI Australia, Lesley is the founder and executive director of Kids Are Sweet International, a registered nonprofit (2006) , whose work has been directed in part at teaching and training permaculture to men and women farmers, widows, orphans and disadvantaged youth in Afghanistan, Jordan, Kenya and Cambodia.

Ms. Byrne has a Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean History from Brown University where she taught while pursuing her studies with an emphasis on environmental and multicultural issues. She also has a graduate degree in International Education and an undergraduate degree in business. Lesley has worked in the field of curriculum development, strategic planning, finance and international business.

Currently, Lesley divides her time between northern Wisconsin and a 42 acre homestead in Middle Tennessee where she is restoring part of the land to a wildlife habitat and Oldfield Mosaics with plenty of edges.

Warren Brush

Warren Brush is a mentor, storyteller, and a global permaculture design consultant and educator. He has worked for over 25 years in inspiring people of all ages to discover, nurture and express their inherent gifts while living in a sustainable manner.

Warren works extensively in Permaculture education and sustainable systems design and implementation in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. He has cofounded multiple non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses including family farm, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery, and he has taught the following courses: Permaculture Design Certification, Earthworks for Resiliency, Resilient Small Farm Design, Permaculture for International Development, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ferro-Cement Tank Building, Spring Rejuvenation and Watershed Restoration, Compost Toilet Systems, Water for Every Farm, Drought Proofing Landscapes, Ecological Restoration, Cultural Mentoring, Introduction to Permaculture Systems, Permaculture BioIntensive Gardening, Food Forestry, and Origins Skills among other offerings.


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